Pundalay Animation Studios presents 3D Animated Stories inspired by mythology, spiritual and cultural legacy of India

How friends are parted

Friends can be made. But trust needs to be built and not floundered by ill-wishing people. Find out how lion learns this the hard way.

Duration : 08 m : 53 s

Choice of friends

A story of friends are made and how they stand by each other in times of distress.

Duration : 08 m : 36 s

The Cat who served the Lion

This is a story of a lion, mouse and cat. Find out what new wisdom did the cat gain from this incident.

Duration : 02 m : 50 s


Vardhaman Mahavir

This story of Mahavir outlines his entire life – his birth, childhood, marriage, renunciation, meditations, teachings and finally his death. This film is in a way a tribute to this great Indian soul. The scene during which he gives his first talk will enable the viewer to immediately identify with the fundamentals of Gandhian thought. The film is of 30 min duration. The film is made in English.

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