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3D Animation Film Production inspired by mythological, spiritual and cultural legacy of India

India is a 5000 + years old civilization. In fact, India is one of the very few countries in the world which is civilizational in nature. India has a rich cultural heritage of which a miniscule quantity is known to the world. Indian spiritual leaders have bequeathed their teachings since centuries. Further Indian mythology is the richest in the world in terms of its scope and teachings.


     We at Pundalay Animation Studios aim to bring the rich legacy of Indian culture both in the spiritual and mythological realm to the world of children globally through the medium of 3D animation films.


This is our cause and raison d’etre. We wish to promote these films in various international languages so that this can reach the widest possible audience. We have chosen 3D animation as the medium to pursue our cause as the current generation of children globally consumes their knowledge primarily through a digital medium. Content of digital origin is the primary means of cultural consumption for this generation.


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