Pundalay Animation Studios
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Pundalay Animation Studios brings you stories from the rich Indian cultural, spiritual and mythological content as 3D animated content

We have created short films of 30 – 60 min duration. The first film we made depicts the life of the man who influenced Gandhi. The next is a collection of 10 short films clubbed together under the teachings of Hitopadesha. The upcoming film is about the monk whose teachings not only guided a king, but are a guide to the daily life of ordinary people too. We hope to carry on the task of bringing our legacy to the younger audience.  

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This story of Mahavir outlines his entire life – his birth, childhood, marriage, renunciation, meditations, teachings and finally his death. This film is in a way a tribute to this great Indian soul. The scene during which he gives his first talk will enable the viewer to immediately identify with the fundamentals of Gandhian thought. The film is of 30 min duration. The film is made in English.